Chronicles of Early Ascents of Half Dome.
Then and now: Overhanging rock at the top of Half Dome

George Anderson on Half Dome in 1877 spacer Overhanging rock on Half Dome in 2006

The black-and-white picture above is a detail of a photo taken by S. C. Walker in 1877, and reused by James M. Hutchings in his In the Heart of the Sierras (1886). See also a high-resolution version from the Yosemite Nature Notes (1977). (Walker also took a photo of Anderson at Dome's other overhanging rock, with Tenaya Canyon in the background). The colored picture was taken by the author from the same place, almost 130 years later, in 2006.

Chronicles of Early Ascents of Half Dome
Half Dome Day Hike, 2006